Saturday, March 21, 2020

Everything is Fine

Dear Lord that escalated quickly. By virtue of having New York City in our state, we're watching our numbers climb of infected people and county by county have cases. It's not looking good elsewhere either in the US either. What that means for me is that I've got two college kids home full time for the foreseeable future, I'm "working at home" without a work at home account on my personal pc but making it work transferring emails from my cell to my home email and trying to keep the grant I'm working on going. At some point things will eventually roll along to where we're actually administering it so I want it ready. I'm actually also really thankful to have this distraction of work and that we're all calling in a couple of days a week to stay connected.

THE MAN is holed up in the camper atm on a Saturday am conference call. He's been late getting home all week and due to the critical nature of what his plant makes, they are business as usual. Well, if you call screening people before entering the building for sickness, fever, etc. and a whole slew of prevention measures to keep people healthy at work normal. In the couple of times I've ventured out for critical type stuff, it appears we're not taking it seriously here. Aside from seeing parking spots on Market Street during the day, parking lots and streets appeared full. Freaking stay home already people!

I've already jumped up on a soap box here at home about that, yelled at my Mom who went out for a meeting, and I woke up at 4 am thinking of ways to decontaminate THE MAN before he comes in the house after work. Lexi says I need to chill out and rolled her eyes. I'm trying kid. I'm chill for big chunks of time. And then I'm not.

During one of those not good times yesterday I fussy cut a fairy. I cannot freak out during a fussy cutting fairy session and the brain calmed. So, today I thought, let's dust off the blog since I'm home talking to the dogs and holding down the fort. What, you thought I'd be talking to the kids? They only emerge for our new normal, afternoon tea. It's at 4:30 and involves actual tea and usually cookies. We watch the birds from the kitchen window because for some reason they are super active then. We've witnessed epic battles between chipmunks and our two doves that hang out. It's early spring, so the woodpeckers have temporarily converted to seed eaters and it's always exciting when one shows up and perches precariously on one of the little pegs. They are skittish so you have to be careful to not move around too much. We've even had a little "action" outside as it is springtime, which is also love time and make baby time. We've told the cardinal to "get a room" but he's still proceeding to fluff around to the point where he can't actually stand up. Typical man though, he's still trying to stuff his beak as he shows off. The lady cardinal isn't even sparing him a glance as she stuffs her beak. Some things never change.

So, anyhow back to art making and fairies. We had a quick play this last Sunday. It was a crafternoon because most of the guys were bowling and the girls needed something to do. We knew we were on the hairy edge of full blown staying at home and it might be one of the last times we could hang for quite some time. Teri provided the canvases and paint, I bought mac and cheese and we had a crumbly apple pie with ice cream. Comfort food and company.

We have been saying "everything is fine" a lot in our house lately. We've gone from a kid with two weeks of spring break who was supposed to go back to campus for lab at the end to a complete shut down. The other one had the same thing happen only his was overnight. On-line everything. One minute we're reduced down to a 50% work force, then 75% work force, then 100%, and then only essential business. It's rapidly evolving by the day, minute by minute, and one press release at a time.

I'll be hanging here for the foreseeable future and probably ramble on blogger every now and again. Don't hesitate to leave me a's a little quiet and it's nice to have a shout out now and again from a friend. 


  1. So happy we got to hang out! This piece is beautiful just like you! Thank goodness we have technology to keep us all connected even if it's only via texting. Hang in there and stay healthy and happy.

  2. How fortunate to have crafty hobbies to help fill those extra 'stay at home' hours! Here in the UK things became more serious in the last 48 hours. Bars, pubs and restaurants closed, over 70s and those with underlying health conditions to be in isolation for the foreseeable future. The under 70s should restrict venturing out to food shopping and dog walking (our dog is deliriously happy about the extra dog walks!) Supermarket shelves were empty last time I went looking for shopping but we have meals planned for the next 5 days and enough in the freezer to keep us going for a while after that, it's the fresh fruit and veggies that will need replenishing. Everyone that can is working from home and schools are now shut. Hopefully the more people listen to the instructions and do as they are told, the sooner we can get back to a normal-ish kind of life again.
    Keep safe x

  3. Such a magical how you've embellished.
    You need to be cautiously optimistic. Keep your spirits up so that your immune system is not compromised. Avoid all crowds if you can when you have to go out, wash your hands and don't touch your face. We've been in this holding pattern since the start of Feb here in Singapore. This will take some time to blow over. Meanwhile, enjoy the family time with your kids at home with you. Take care my friend.


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