Saturday, March 28, 2020

Juicy Rainbow Rocks, Big People Words & Probably Whining

Holy sheep shit batman, it's been a long week. To be honest, it felt a lot more like a month. Everyone is getting used to working at home which while working at home always had it perks like wearing slippers, it's not as much fun without the right accounts, right equipment and a system to communicate. Our conference call system we use at work is enough to drive one batty as everyone is using it and the quality is horrible. For someone who wears hearing aids, nothing pisses me off more than not being able to understand someone. So, despite every other day check ins, it feels lonely.

To amuse myself, one night I painted some rainbow rocks. I outlined them the next day in between things. Turns out outlining is like fussy cutting something. You have to pay attention and you can't think about horrible things like what's happening everywhere with the virus. I follow at lot of rock groups on Facebook and this lady in Maine uses these super awesome pens for outlining so I got some months ago. I finally got to try them out for outlining on rocks and they do work awesome! The trick is multiple coats of Modge Podge to make it easy to glide over the words. I used glitter.

So, rock groups aren't the same as Rock Groups, fyi. People paint rocks, especially in arty little towns like ours & hide them for the kids to find. Well, and adults. I've found some myself and had private little happy dances. That heart one up there is a keeper. I found it on my anniversary back in February when you could go to stores. So, anyhow those rainbow rocks are hidden around a local park for the kids to find. I scooted out to grab some take out food yesterday afternoon and the park was on the way so "hid" them in plain sight. Speaking of arty little towns, our town has this ginormous glass building.

Corning Inc. just rehabbed B Building this past summer. For years they spelled out "NOEL" during the Christmas season by an elaborate system of leaving lights on in some offices and not in others. Since they went with glass windows that adjust to the light outside, the building itself has programmable glass and now can spell out whatever they can fit on the building. It was all over Bookface last night that they had switched it up. A local took this photo! Shout out to Carmen J. Narde for the great photo! We love our little town & it's shout out of hope.

Anyhow, it's time to get this rainy Saturday started. I can and will continue to use any words that have to do with bats in an effort to be funny and less bitchy. Let's hope it works. Stay safe friends!

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  1. Sweet to hear of all the Rock groups and painting them, and it will be interesting to see if the rocks get picked in this virus crazy world...but I just love your beautiful Rocks, and the UNITY on the Corning Glass Building!


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