Friday, April 10, 2020

Shabby Knobs and Sympathy Pears

Easter is sneaking upon us, one flurry at a time here in the Twin Tiers of NY. I woke up to snow on the ground and the wind is whipping around. Good thing we can stay here all cozy with our slippers and play with the materials we have on hand. Who am I kidding. I am climbing the walls and wishing I had a huge painting project to play with. Also, I'm done with cozy, bring on the daffodils and outdoor grilling!

Anyhow, before I clear these off the work bench for another project, I have been wanting to try transfers on knobs for a long time and I had some spare knobs from the last dresser I worked on since I replaced them with some black ceramic ones.

Yes.....let's take a minute to appreciate that dresser that is older than me and now has some lovely new knobs, a new transfer, and some new clear coat.

Anyhow, back to the knobs...

I sanded the old worn down knobs and painted them white. I added some Lindy's Stamp Gang Milk Chocolate Brown Starburst mist to soften the white while they were still damp. Once they were dry, I then applied Prima Paris Garden transfers. The transfers were Amazon Prime and I picked the option to send them to me later as obviously art supplies are not a priority during a Pandemic.

One was still a little wet so the paint flaked off, which was perfect, adding to the otherwise shabby look!

I can't wait to find the right piece for these...when we're able to go back to hunting furniture & junkin!

As far as Easter goes, we are sheltering here in place at Pratt Inc. We sent some yummy Harry and David pears to the 'rents. Since I decided to do something nice a week before, I had to settle for the fact that everyone else probably had done the same thing. The only thing that would get there in time was Sympathy Pears! I decided that probably did fit the bill! My Mom reported they came with a big fancy sympathy card but it made them laugh just a little, which is cool. Laughing is good.

Stay safe friends!

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