Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Virus Interruptus (It's Latin, but Probably Spelled Wrong)

So I took a trip out the other day because I had to find a FedEx drop box. I haven't left the house in....oh weeks. Probably about three. It coincided with the fact that a local Cupcakery (another good word) reopened and I had heard through the grapevine that their cupcakes were heavenly. So in a show of support I put my big girl panties on and put on my N95 and went in to pick up my order.

 I decided a couple of days back that pretty much if there isn't much to look forward to, maybe it was time to start enjoying the little things.

I really enjoyed looking forward to this cupcake today with an afternoon cup of tea. In a similar fashion, I was hankering to play with some vintage papers. I didn't even have a photo in mind but I found one from the stock pile of vintage granny photos that worked perfectly. I was in luck and Grandpa Ham was in it too! Love it! Makes me smile!

I am proud of myself for three big reasons this week. The first is that I got a training class out of the way for Civil Air Patrol. It was five hours on both Saturday and Sunday and I holed up in the camper and participated via webex. Then on Sunday, I cut THE MAN's hair. About 20 years back I cut his hair when we were first married and it did not go well. I did not wish to cut hair so I did it badly and consequently I freed myself up from years of haircuts. On Sunday, I wished to cut his hair. He has been going into work sporadically so I did not want him to look terrible. Patiently he let me cut his hair for about an hour. Smart people would not have tried to set up outside where it was windy. We both ended up wearing a lot of his hair but I can report he does look good. In fact, he was so impressed that he said it was a better haircut that he's gotten from his barber at times. This in a way is nice, but sometimes his barber who also does flooring gets distracted and misses a little. If he had said a better job than my hair person Kristen, I'd probably have fallen over. She's never missed a hair with her scissors no matter how distracted she gets.

My last thing that I am giving myself a high five over? It's really little and I feel silly to say. I was super nervous about going out at all much less going out in a mask. This is why there was a cupcake involved. Plus I ordered them so there was no backing out. In the ten minutes I wore a mask I almost forgot how to walk, talk, and breathe. But I did it and it was glorious when I got to take that mask off. Dear Lord how to do those medical people do it? I've worn those same masks for sheet rock (which is why I have any at all) and I already knew how much it would suck. Yup, sucked just as bad only I was more scared that I got some covid on me. I mean, sheet rock dust washes off....

So, more little things on the horizon for the rest of the week. I have a bottle to play with that I used some shimmer glass glaze on and a project plan to write with the boy, and more hostas to move into the new hill garden. Onward and upward over the Hump Day into the second half of the week!


  1. Mitra, I absolutely love reading your blogs. Almost makes me feel that you are nearby once again. Only wish I could see your finished projects in real - so much better than the picture shows. On the topic of haircuts, makes me think of Bob’s ,down the road, hair person. She usually misses hunks not hairs!!!!

  2. Great vintage page. Grandma Ham was a pretty lady. Btw, Craig needs a haircut. Do you charge in cupcakes??

  3. Craig must have missed getting one of those during his spa day! Oh my! Are those photos getting scrapped this Saturday!?


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