Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Centerpiecing with Musuem Trees & Silk Plants Direct for the Civil Air Patrol Christmas Party

I always swear I'm going to start things sooner for the holidays. It's my third year making the centerpieces for the Civil Air Patrol Christmas Party. This year I took my own advice and started gathering things up mid July. If you know you are running with red, white and blue for a color scheme, it's not hard to find deeply discounted items after the 4th. I like the centerpieces to be inexpensive yet really nice so they can give them away by asking for a small donation.

I used dollar store vases combined with black and silver spray paint. My Mom hand made a bunch of bows using the ribbon I had from last year, those white poinsettias were six for a dollar at the ReStore, and the snowflakes under the CAP logo were ten for a dollar.

I lucked out even further as I was asked to review a product made by Museum Trees. I was asked to pick out an item from Silk Plants Direct, a sister company. It was VERY hard to pick just one. I decided to pick out this pinecone centerpiece that looked like I could use it at the CAP Christmas Party. I was really pumped when this super amazing item arrived on my doorstep! It's very high quality and really nice. Those super huge pine cones aren't real!!! Can you believe it? I know, me neither 'cause you really can't tell. I added some sparkly white lights and those bulbs to pull it all together.

I then had to play with a big bow my Mom sent me. I can't decide whether I'll use it or not. To be honest, this product is very versatile as you can really switch what you put in the big glass jar in the center up so you could run with an elegant three wick candle and a snowflake bow and have this be out all winter.

For all my readers, they are offering 10% off orders on their Silk Plants Direct Website if you use the code BLOGGER10. Let me know if you are interested in reviewing one of their items and I'll forward your info along. The hardest part is picking an item to be honest!

I'm back tomorrow with some work by my daughter. She is taking a hot glass class and you have to see what she's been up to. Proud Mom Moment!

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  1. Oh wow! LOVE both of these and love what you did with that giant bow! I never did do this... I forgot... I have the email.. need to see about that... and those pinecones do look real! Gorgeous!


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