Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Flameworking with Silver & Dichroic

Ever since Lexi picked up a summer volunteering gig at the Corning Museum of Glass, she has been fascinated by the hot glass shows. One birthday she conned her Grandfather into sitting through five hot glass shows in a row and she's always taken friends there.

Fast forward to last summer where she was got a job working there. She did a lot of demonstrations and made friends with the flame workers who also do shows, but of course know how to flame work which is more complicated than just demonstrating optical fiber. When summer ended, she took her hard earned cash and paid for her own flameworking class that basically takes up an entire weekday evening so she has to plan accordingly with homework and go to school tired the next day. With the holidays, she'll also pick up some more hours working which is nice for her. Good thing the other kid has us staying home for Snowbird & Harris Hill Gliding!

Her favorite item she's made so far is this marble. The swirls are real silver. So pretty.

My favorite is the one on the top made with that coppery colored dichroic glass.

It's hanging out out with my air plants and pretty ceramic koi fish!

Thanks for hanging out with me for a proud Mama moment! Happy Hump Day! Back tomorrow with my Jar for the Funkie Junkie 12 Tags of Christmas!


  1. Wow she has actually made them ?? so Cool !!

  2. They are exquisite! No wonder she has been captivated.

  3. Those are beautiful. What a great experience for her!

  4. OH my goodness those are sooo beautiful.. you could get lost staring into them! So awesome...


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