Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Paper Therapy Hammered Christmas Joy Cards

I promised myself last year I would make some hand made cards for our volunteers at Christmas time. Low and behold this very old Stampin' Up Woodie set of tools fell into my hands so I was inspired to start some. It was quite an adventure not using a clear stamp, but I managed to work through it old school. ;-)

I've got a huge pack of plain cards & envelopes on order, so these are just the card fronts. Should be pretty easy to get them attached. I think they are really pretty as the gold hearts on this paper are metallic and the Christmas Joy sentiment is embossed. I've been working with the Silver & Gold collection from Close to My Heart and it's really lovely.

Was good to get some paper therapy going. I was so inspired on the card making front that I made two sample cards & cut all the kits for a Christmas Card making party I'm going to at Thanksgiving time.

I was inspired by this vintage rose post card to make some really sparkly & rather simple cards. I scanned it in and cut a bunch out on photo paper. Usually I pile it on when I'm making cards, but then it's harder to mail as you have to make sure the postage is correct. These are nice and flat so mailing should be easy peasy.

Looking forward to making these with the girls at Thanksgiving! We'll each bring kits for each person to make two cards so if you are quick, you walk out of the party with enough cards to send to everyone on your list. At least I usually do!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Awesome and beautiful! Those Hammer and Nail stamps are perfect! And you made such pretty cards, but they look like they'd be good for a girl or boy... and those beautiful roses... wish I could join you!


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