Monday, July 30, 2018

Floatsam & Jetsam from the Field

Summer is always a busy one here at Pratt Inc. Work picks up, camping commences, and this year the almost adults that live here also have summer gigs. The summer gig for the oldest involves learning how to flame work and she's getting pretty proficient. So proficient, I've taken to hiding her creations and posting about them on Facebook. We have a pretty good tourist trade 'round these parts and a very healthy Kindness Rocks community, so this morning I headed off with a dozen all wrapped, labeled, and stuck in baggies to Market Street so I could "hide" the little critters in plain sight. So far I've heard that the penguin was found. On that note, those glass marbles & that funny little glass ball up top aren't something that Lexi made. The dirt around these parts in town are full of glass! (Other not so nice things too, but it's been industrial here with the glass industry since 1880.) In fact, one of the Habitat houses I work on had a sewer line cut in and that's where I found that little milk bottle. Another hundred year old house we suspect might have been a barn yielded the funny little glass ball. Yet another place built in 1880 had that gold shovel bottle opener and that cool wood horse piece. It's also the same house we found Nancy Drew stairs!

This past Saturday, I had a group over to a house to start gutting it. Armed with hammers and sledges, they started demo. The house started the day without stairs...and a small upstairs apartment. We then
spotted something funny behind a built in closet realized that the stairs were still in the house all along! I expect the next group will figure out how to take out the tub and cut a hole in the floor so we can get between the floors.

This little adorable table also came home with me from that house. She had nice legs, what can I say! I spent some time in the sun cleaning off the cobwebs & old varnish with some TSP. I did more work with some gray chalk board paint, but I'll be back to show you that later after some distressing & wax!

Happy Monday!

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  1. So many fun finds! Those stairs!! Very cool! Can't wait to see the table finished.


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