Thursday, July 5, 2018

For the Love of Nail Polish

My house has perpetually smelled like nail polish for weeks. The boy decided to make his girl a flower out of wire, wood glue, and then nail polish for her birhtday. I mean, I've seen this project on Pinterest and it's cool....but I think he took his project to a whole other level. It was for her birthday and work must have started at least three weeks ago. It culminated with him requesting a new bottle of clear and another of red....which was a first for me. Usually it's the girl who's asking for makeup!

Once all the petals were done, he raided my scrap metal bits and built a stand (or stem if you will) for the flower with a hose handle bottom. It's quite genus, but don't tell him. He was already impressed with himself after he found a real gold leave in my stash.

I heard through the grapevine that Megan was impressed with his flower. I myself was pretty excited it was done! (There might have been a small incident where a bottle of nail polish got tipped over on my floor, but thankfully it's brick and pretty forgiving.) Anyhow, it turned out better than the roses he gave her that got overdosed with advil and only lasted a day!

Happy Thursday! We're off with those two kids to hang at a Water Park for a bit & soak up some summer!


  1. He must be funny for you to see guy asking for nail polish !!So sweet of him.

  2. Oh wow. He must really like the girl. Please tell him he did a great job!

  3. This is SO cool!! And yes, what a sweet thing to do... talk about making a girl swoon! That's good egg you've got there!


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