Tuesday, July 31, 2018

graffiti highway, pa Layout

Had a little play with some paper Sunday morning. It started by printing out a very large 12 by 12 photo on white paper that didn't really excite me, so I overlaid a large 8 by 10 photo which kinda made me happier, even though they didn't match up perfectly. I had planned on doing a large format photo since I had taken this really cool photo of the Graffiti Highway in Centralia, Pa. See, a while back a controlled burn in this town accidentally set a coal layer on fire and the town has smoldered since! It prompted shutting down the road which is seriously melted in parts. Later, people visited & came with spray paint. It's eerie yet super cool.

Interestingly enough, many choose to practice their skill at drawing dicks. In fact many cartoon characters had genitalia added that the original artist hadn't intended. I found the whole hike pretty entertaining as you never knew what you might see in paint! This little pup made a nice fussy cut addition to my page.

It's a pretty flat page for my album, which is awesome! I've got a few more pages to add from recent trips! Next one up will be from Lake George!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Love the impact of a huge photo as your "patterned paper".

  2. How cool! I never heard of this place before and I can imagine the feeling you get there... that seems like a must see if you're anywhere close. Love it!


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