Monday, August 6, 2018

Pink Ladies Layout for THE CUTTING CAFE

I really had no expectations going into the evening. In fact, I flew home Friday, threw some clothes on including my new PINK LADIES jacket, powdered my nose, dug out a strand of pearls, blew dust off the kitten heals...and within 15 minutes we were eating dinner at Kristin's house. Dinner was quick and then we were off to the show! My friend Teri talked us into going to Grease. It was showing at a local theater and it was the song-a-long version. I don't sing. Well, I do with enough wine!

I had a lot of fun with this photo strip I created! I printed it in black and white to follow my theme, plus there were a lot of contrasting colors and I wanted a simple page so I could show off my typewriter cutting file.

Here's my photo collage in color. As you can see I would have had a tough time getting all the colors to match. I was kinda sad to not have the coat in pink though, so maybe I'll have to print out ONE photo in color.....

Isn't that type writer cool!!! It really worked well for part of my title! You can find it over at THE CUTTING CAFE and is actually a card. I always cut all the pieces so I can use them to create depth with pop dots.

Here's to hoping this week goes by like Greased Lighting!


  1. this is a MASTERPIECE to say the the black and white photos along with the colored layout...

  2. Fabulous fun time with the girlfriends and love the pink typewriter!!

  3. SO awesome! All of it... love the pics and the typewriter was perfect for this layout! So much fun!


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