Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Maine Diner Layout for Luke

 Things sometimes just show up in my office and then I'm left to guess what I'm supposed to do with them. The other day a big wadded up menu from the Maine Diner appeared. Much later the boy showed up and mentioned he brought it home in hopes I'd add it to a scrapbook page. I hadn't seen any photos so I was a bit perplexed on how I'd make a page...Then my inbox started dinging and these beauties popped in.

The menu proved to a simple addition. A quick fussy cut, backed it with some dark gray paper, and then pop dotted it up. I love it as it makes the perfect title. That little bloom makes me happy too. Not extremely beachy, but it matches Luke's shirt! Added some die cut fish and a pine cone to finish the flower cluster.

And there you have it! My page from the weekend! I'm not doing a lot of paper crafting at the moment, partially because it's nice outside and also because the adventures are a bit more adult like this summer. I don't think a page a week is all that bad though because (!!!!) there are 52 weeks a year and that's like two books full right there!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Crumbs! Your boy is an adult. Pretty much! When did that happen? Lovely photos...even NICER that he wanted you to scrap them. And I do love that title. That blue....yum!!

  2. That is awesome that he pretty much asked you to make him a page... and it's a pretty awesome page!


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