Monday, August 20, 2018

Leaving Your State (of Mind)

This past Friday morning, THE MAN asked if I wanted to go trail riding this weekend down to Lyman Run, PA. It's been monsooning around these parts and the weather dude said that it wasn't going to rain on Sunday. It was either that or paint part of the carport. Riding sounded a lot more fun.

The last time I rode on those trails I was carrying a pretty heavy burden. Nearly 10 years ago a lady I knew from work who had perfect abs, the perfect smile and perfect personality had committed suicide leaving behind two precious kiddos. In fact, I knew the exact spot in the trail where I came to terms with the fact that there was really nothing I could do but remember that just because things look peachy, they aren't always. That burden flew off of me and I just felt the joy of being.

I felt that same peace when I was there today. Riding along at 25 miles an hour, wind in your helmet, and all alone with your thoughts. That little girl up top there in the water picking on her Daddy starts college tomorrow. She's in the accelerated senior year program up at the local community college. She'd probably still be in high school, but in her junior year they took away open campus. Lexi has always been allowed her wings since she's a steady sort who is pretty responsible, so she'd been giving high school the stink eye ever since. We are hoping that bopping around college a little early will be just the thing she needs to succeed.

THE MAN and I are spending all kinds of quality time with each other these days. In fact, we enjoyed fresh black berries, Cheetos, and beef jerky for lunch on our ride. We skipped a swim due to both of us forgetting a hoodie and we had a pretty good chill. It was nice to just talk on the ride down and back. As far as painting the carport? There is always next weekend...although I really wanted to bike ride the PA Grand Canyon....

Happy Monday!

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  1. Sounds like you are having fun! I don't think I've seen any painted carport along my travels here on your blog so maybe you took that bike ride...


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