Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Paperless Post : Fabulous Fun with Digital Cards

Dear Me. I saw a Christmas layout out and about on blog land yesterday. Scared the shorts right off me. I have a sneaking suspicion that the fall leaves are on their way and next thing you know it, we'll be jingling all the way....Summer is on it's way out.

To me, this means it's officially CARD TIME around here! The Pratt Family starts getting older right about October, unless you want to mention my Dad who has a birthday at the end of September. Then there are Thanksgiving Cards and Christmas Cards and then my birthday slides in at the very end of the year. I love making cards, but sometimes....there just isn't the time. My focus these days has been more on interior projects vs. ones on paper. THANK GOODNESS for Paperless Post!

I made a quick card for Luke complete with a plane in about two minutes. I sent it to myself so I could see what it looked like. It was dumb to be excited about getting a card I made in my email , but I was!

Then I made one for Lexi. She brought macaroons home from the airport when they stopped in Paris, so this card made me think of her. Love the script font!

The real genus though is sending invites. They even have it set up so you can get your RSVPS though email. I started making an invite to my 45th Birthday (which happens to fall on a Saturday) until I realized it's legitimately four months away. A smidge too early for save the dates!

Anyhow, if you are feeling crunch time, I urge you to check out Paperless Post! Its awesome fun!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Might have to use a paperless Christmas card this year.. have NOT started on any Christmas cards... sooooo behind this year!!! sigh..

  2. LOL!!! Anything new is a novelty, & those macarons look YUM! I see where you're coming from with the end of the year flying at us..... SCARY! I leave on Thursday. 33 hrs later, apparently, I'll be over a few hills from you! Lucky I didn't organize too much - Tim's getting a week off between builds & Danela is making the trip up from Colombia to see me. Which is LOVELY....excited to meet the 2 years on Girlfriend!!! Anyways, Vegemite and Milo are packed. As are the saw bits he needs for his METRIC saw thingy, LOL!!! Off to have a look at some of your other posts....

  3. These are fun!! I'm still all about the paper... I better be. I have a lot to use up...lol!


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