Monday, September 3, 2018

Rehabbing a Bench

The other day Luke came home from work with a "bench." Well, in my mind it looked like a very sad dilapidated bench that might need to head quickly to the nearest dumpster. My lack of vision was evident when nearly a week later and five million coats of stain & clear coat, the pieces of the bench were looking a LOT better. I was still skeptical but was willing to give the project the benefit of the doubt. I've rehabbed worse....

Megan, Luke's bff and sidekick was so relieved when it was finally back together. She had gotten conscripted at the very end for assembly. Luke promised an hour and nearly a whole day later....Megan learned a very important life lesson. Men lie. Even when they are nearly 16 year old men and think that a few screws won't take very long. A rehab NEVER goes back the way you think it will...and to that point perhaps taking a photo or two prior to disassembly might help in the long run. Anyhow, it was a great project and is back to the owner.

THE MAN is overjoyed that it's out of his garage....I am too. I'm scouting for my next piece of furniture!

Happy Labor Day if you are here in the States! It's a day off for us.


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