Monday, September 24, 2018

The Crystal City

Recently a someone I know 'round these parts complained about all the glass in her yard and I thought wow, she must have missed the memo. There is a TON of glass in the yards here! ;-) I however don't mind finding the glass. Means there is lots of history! The nickname of our town is the Crystal City due to 150 years plus of glassmaking, which means a lot of scrap glass got tossed. Love finding it when it's cool!

One of the houses I'm working on for Habitat is super old. When the new concrete blocks were laid up in the basement, this green bottle showed up. The other two pieces I've found recently. The people working on the house usually drop their finds on a windowsill.

This little brass pipe and rolling papers were found over the door frame going down into the basement. The basement has made a huge improvement over when we first got the house, but I can't imagine that hanging out down there to smoke a joint was all that fun.

The next yard over is where we're digging in the sewer for another house. The trench for that house contained these pretty metal pieces. They will be so much fun to play with when I'm working on some mixed media. It's amazing how well they came out from the dishwasher. ;-)

I'll be back later with something that Lexi made and with any luck, a layout!

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  1. HOW cool! You know i was cleaning photos from my phone the other day and came across a photo of some beautiful glass in a box that was about to be shipped to my son... I have to ask him if it ever made it into the project he was planning with his then girlfriend... now he's bought a van... a sleeper van (not a creeper van... well, it could be a creeper van.. but in his travels he'll have his now girlfriend with!) He's heading out from Buffalo and they are going to do some traveling.. working on the road and trying out different cities... first stop is with us for Thanksgiving and then they're off to... idk.. Austin? New Mexico? Seattle? All on the list.. anyway, this post made me think of that. Although that wasn't old... it just made me think of it...I LOVE finding old "junk" ... don't find any of that you can't really dig here and there's not really too many spaces where stuff gets covered up and lost until decades later when someone comes across them... no basements... no hiding spaces.


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