Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Sharky the Sea Plane Layout

Recently we went camping with friends for the sole purpose of hanging out near Hammondsport NY. It's pretty local to us, but Civil Air Patrol wanted Luke to help with the Sea Plane event both days and it was so much easier just driving him a couple of miles and coming back to to the camper to hang out vs. a lot of round trips each day.

The highlight of the event for Luke was getting a ride in Sharky the Sea Plane. He had suffered through the heat of Saturday and was in no mood to head back in the fray Sunday as his allergies had started. Later on Sunday when I went to pick him up he was elated and so pumped as he got a ride on this awesome sea plane! Huge thanks to the pilot for picking him!

I grabbed a photo of the poster I had from the event to add to my photo layout and then finished the whole thing off with some poppies & leaves. One of the sea planes that was flying was one designed and built by Glenn Curtiss from the Glenn Curtiss Museum who hosted the event. It was quite a highlight as the plane was flying it's last flight before hanging out in a museum.

One last page from summer as we are officially heading into fall here in NY. I spotted a couple of trees that were changing color and it's time to break out the leave cut outs & stamps!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. What a great memory and love the photos.. fabulous layout..

  2. Beautiful and cool layout! And yes... the photos are quite awesome too!


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