Thursday, September 20, 2018

Truly Blessed Layout for THE CUTTING CAFE, or alternative title: The Tail of Two Little Pups

The other day we were hanging around the campfire with Mike and Angel and wondering how Teri's little dog was doing. We had heard the new puppy had issues with it's heart and that it was going to be quite expensive to fix. We HAD however spotted this awesome photo on Facebook and concluded that all was well, because hello, two dancing dogs photo bombing the back to school pic.

Later we heard that the surgery went very well, so that was quite a relief! Then we went back to enjoying the cool photo of her two girls! I thought it would be nice to gift her a page so she could tell the story a little. Left plenty of room for Teri to journal right above those pretty pumpkins!

I am truly in love with these pumpkins I added. When I first made the layout, it was only a sunflower & some acorns. Teri's Mom had paper pieced those and passed them along. Then I added Sparkle Pumpkins and I was like wow, that is such a fun page! I cut them all out of white, inked them up, and then misted them with sparkle spray. Love the mottled look. Kinda matches the grunge thing I have going on the rest of the page!

Want to make your very own pumpkins? You can find them over at THE CUTTING CAFE. I used the Pumpkin Trio Card and just omitted the card part & cut out a lot of pumpkins! I'll be back with more pumpkins at some point since I cut out a ton! They are fun and it's getting to be that time of year around these parts!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Those pumpkins shine! They finish the page off so beautifully.... love the story & how you left journaling space. Bet she adores it!!!

  2. oooooooooo tell Teri's Mom that i love those paper pieced are my layout this

  3. How truly sweet is this layout! Love it!

  4. Love this! And I think I need those pumpkins too! What a wonderful idea to gift her a page and leave room for her journaling! And I'm so glad the pup made it through.. cause well.. you know... I'm the one that the guy at work was showing baby pics and I spotted a dog in one and I'm like... can I see more pics of the dog?! (The baby was cute and all... but you know)

  5. What a beautiful scrapbook page! And how fun with the pup "photo-bombing" LOL


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