Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Anything Goes at THE CUTTING CAFE or Why Does that Box have Wheels?

I was totally looking forward to Labor Day as it's a Monday off work. It was too hot to spend outside although THE MAN was working on cutting up some trees we had taken down. I wasn't invited to help due to it being a side slope and only one chain saw. Found a nice sturdy box and knew I wanted to use flowers from THE CUTTING CAFE. Decided to get my crafty on!

The most difficult part was to get the wheels attached.  It turned out that a nice study box with some holes cut in the bottom with an exacto knife and hot glue made it pretty easy. I then got busy with some washi tape, modge podge, and then later gold & turquoise paint. 

The wheels do actually work, honest! The box reminded me of a little wagon. I was going for whimsical with all the colors and the splashes of gold and silver. The wheels had been in the stash for a very long time so it was super cool to add them to the box, along with those cool gold metal pieces. 

Making the flowers were a lot of fun! I always enjoy this cutting file! It's called the Paper Flower Template and Cutting File and they always make me so happy! You can glam them up any which way you like. I like mine with a little bit of glitter and hanging out with a vintage button!

Aren't they pretty! 

Happy Hump Day! I'm off to work on a house for Habitat! Wish us luck! 


  1. i am just speechless....YOU ARE THE FLOWER MAKING QUEEN.....simple beautiful

  2. This is a great box, Mitra. Love it. And the flowers are so pretty...

  3. Every time you use those flowers I think...yup... I need to cut some of those.. and then I don't... this is a gorgeous box... nothing better than a glammed up box... oh wait.. one with wheels!! That is better!


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