Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Little Bits of Pretty Around Here

I had two lonely flowers from another project so decided to pull out some card bases & fancy them up with scraps, a little stamped bird, and whatever else was hanging out on the desk. Next thing you know I was spraying them with shimmer spray, inking the edges, and adding glitter. Nothing can be just a little fancy here...must go all out and add a strand of pearls....

While I was cleaning the desk, I came across a huge bag of buttons that someone had gifted me so I sorted and picked out my very favorites. A quick google search has shown me that those copper ones up top are from World War II and now I want them on a long wool coat. They are really tactile and heavy. So pretty too those little gem ones at the bottom. Will be hoarding them all for a while!

The reason I need some little bits of pretty is that recently we had a lot of very large pine trees taken down. I am pretty sure they were originally planted along the property line, but they had gotten very large and sickly. Not to mention the mess from the needles. So, we paid a pro to come and drop them and THE MAN has spent very single evening for a week working on getting them chopped up and dropped over the bank. We could have paid a lot more for the work, but opted to do a bit of our own sweat equity while also making some wildlife habitat with the brush we piled up. I am hoping that front flower bed can now house veggies as now we have sun on that corner of the house!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Lovely cards !! Yes the buttons are beautiful,vintage !

  2. Fabulous cards, and great stash of buttons, your house looks lovely...

  3. So sad to lose trees but so awesome to think of veggies growing there! And those buttons... beauties! And love your cards made with leftovers... they don't look left over at all... I have some things on my desk like that too... that sounds like a challenge to me... you know I love a good challenge!


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