Monday, October 1, 2018

Be Happy Rocks for Steuben County "Rocks"

The other day, someone did a private hide for my daughter. I'm in a Facebook group that hides art glass called Gorge Glass for the Fingerlakes and they knew she had donated a bunch of her glass pieces as prizes for a kid event, so this really sweet lady wanted to thank her. Anyway...

Long story short, she messaged us the location and we rooted around the bottom of a tree for a bit and found these beauties! While looking, we found that striped rock up there! It was buried. The stripes were peeling...and I didn't have the heart to post it to say I found it without cleaning it up a bit. See, we have another group here called Steuben County "Rocks" and this was a rock from that group.

While repainting the stripped rock & converting it into a caterpillar, I also decided to make some fellow bug friends. Of course, sparkle modge podge! I'll be sending these little guys out into the world tomorrow on the way to work. I'll probably hid them near the library.

I like Monday morning hides. Gets me in the mood to do something fantastic on a Monday!

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  1. So much fun!! Love those cutie pie bug rocks and how fun it must be to yes.. hide and especially find these little treasures!


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