Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Inspired by Recycling

This past Sunday morning was a rainy one. I knew I had paint projects outside that needed doing, but the rain was going to allow me some time with some paint & hot glue. I was at a loss for a project though until I toasted a bagel & used up the cream cheese....

Made bagels for everyone else and finished another....The great part is that these little ovals are stackable! I can make another that matches for storing little things OR I can gift this one and make another! Pretty pumped on how that lace turned out on the side!

I used some embossed metal foil that I painted over with gesso, some pink shimmer spray, and modge podge glitter glue. So pretty. Love the texture!!!!

These prima flowers are so pretty! I really love the little seed bead centers! Extra pretty!

Happy Tuesday!


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