Monday, October 29, 2018

Wine, Cheesecake, & Sugar Skulls: An Evening to Remember

It had been a long week. A long week of work type stuff in the evenings & not much fun. THE MAN was like you deserve a night out. Have fun & call me if you need a ride home. With that, the girls and I were off to Wine & Design on Market Street. See, we can bring WINE (or Angry Orchard if you are me) to our 'lil painting party. We also brought pizza and cheesecake and we were painting for about 3 1/2 hours, so plenty of time to have a little fun & chitchat with your friends.

While painting, Teri & Angel were wondering where I'd put my painting. I was HOPING it would inspire me to put up some of my seasonal decorations. I have all kinds of fun things to put out for fall like glass pumpkins & a sugar skull I made a while back.

The next morning, I added a few bits to my painting. Gems for the eyes and some real flowers to augment the painted on on rose. I also took out my paint pen to outline a few more things...what a fun evening and painting to remember it!

I enjoyed my new painting all last week as I was inspired enough to get out my fun fall stuff and decorate. I even redid the top of another cabinet. So pretty! Makes me smile every time I walk by.

So pretty with vintage silver, mercury glass pumpkin, and that chippy window frame!

One last glance at what I'll be looking at this week as I come & go. Makes me happy! This will be up until Thanksgiving until it's time to roll out all the vintage Christmas goodies! Happy Monday!


  1. Very cool! Love your sugar skull! I have two paintings waiting to have something added to them but neither one was really what I wanted to paint... I want to go back and paint a llama...yeah... that's me... wanting to take the kids! But it's a Christmas llama... lol! Awesome display.. I didn't even take one pumpkin out this year. I'll just wait 'til it's time to put out our tiny christmas tree and maybe I'll have a christmas llama to!


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