Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Happy 13th Birthday Eddie: Pillow Box (Bag) for THE CUTTING CAFE

Goodness the days are short! I had to sneak out quick to get a photo of my pillow box before the sun set! It's been raining every other day which isn't a good thing for paper & taking a photo so lucky me found a time when it wasn't. My nephew Eddie turned 13 just the other day and I made a pillow box "bag" to hold a bunch of birthday goodies.

So, I made a bag instead of the box by removing the cutting lines on the top that made it fold over. Then I punched two holes in it & tied it with twine!

The little pumpkin is part of the Halloween Pillow Box set over at THE CUTTING CAFE and instead of having it cut OUT of the box, I cut it separately and used it as a "tag" for my pillow bag. A few stamps & a sticker made it all personalized.

I should have taken a photo of this piece with something for scale, but it's as big as I could make it. I have some goodies to stuff inside with a gift card.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. What a wonderful packaging idea and the design is perfect for a fall birthday!

  2. ackkkkkkkkkkkk this idea girl....

  3. Great take on using the pillow boxes!! Love this:)
    Cute n' Crafty Mommy

  4. cute project! I love making these into bags too!

  5. SO cool! Never even thought of making it a bag... what a great idea!


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