Sunday, October 21, 2018

One for Me and One for You: THE CUTTING CAFE

The other day I cut that pumpkin out for use on a CUTTING CAFE project. I made a pillow box for Eddie and it seemed a shame to waste that huge sheet of orange so I decided to use it on a layout. The cutting file is from the Halloween Pillow Box set and if you are careful, you can use it like I did! I also used another cutting file to augment this page. I made those pumpkins to use on this layout. It's from the Pumpkin Trio Shaped Card Template and I made a lot. I knew I'd want more so I made sure to have left overs.

I really like how that pumpkin turned out with that pretty paper on the background! So pretty! Some of it is sparkly foil, but of course you lose that detail with a photo.

I had so much fun with the first page that I created a second page for Teri, who's littles are featured on my layout. Aren't they so cute!

I used up the last of those pumpkins I cut out from the Pumpkin Trio Shaped Card Template on the layout for Teri. So pretty! I had also cut out that pillow box from a sheet of paper that had that banner that says "good times together" on it, so used up more scraps! Pretty successful pulling all the scraps & extra cutting files together!

Loved using these files this way! Give it a try!

Happy Sunday!


  1. you my friend are so amazing...i am always in awe of your this

  2. Both layouts look wonderful! I'm trying to do a better job of using my 'leftovers', but it doesn't always work so well!

  3. Awesome layouts... so beautiful! I love how you always use the files in such a different way. Extras of the pumpkins are a great idea!


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