Monday, August 27, 2018

Off & Rolling (alternative name: A BIG BALL)

Back when I had one kid who was a little and I got preggers for the second, I mistakenly thought that the new baby would be a lot of work. Don't get me wrong, he was. However, the two year old was still a whole lot harder. When she started talking, her favorite phrase was ME DO IT. I swear that there was also a little foot stomp in there too. I remember her baby sitter was impressed when she got her own can of Chef out of the turn around, grabbed the pull tab, got her own bowl and heated it up in the microwave.  As far as the baby went, you just had to keep little Luke in the swing and he was pretty chill. We value independence here at Pratt Inc. so we likely thought if we taught her how to make her own snack this would be a good thing! 

So, the oldest has her first week of college under her belt. It's really her senior year of high school, but she's in the accelerated program at the local community college. We figured she might as well start getting some SUNY college credits. She'd still be in high school, but they took away open campus last year and little miss have her own car was like what seriously? She had a summer of independence of getting herself to work and back, not to mention trips to Wegmans and Market Street, so it really annoyed her. 

Honestly I couldn't be more proud. She's super pumped about her classes, appears to be able to get herself to where she needs to go, and is working afternoons & weekends to make sure she has enough money to keep flame working. Turns out that teaching them independence at an early age means they are ready for big things sooner, I guess.  

I'm still packing lunches & doing laundry so don't worry about me getting too bored, now that one is trying out her wings....although one might question why I had to glue hundreds of glass roundels onto a spare garden gazing ball & then grout them.... 


  1. I love what you have done there! What a lovely way to improve a plain garden decoration.

  2. My goodness they grow up so fast ans are on their way! Love what you have done with the ball.. it looks fabulous!

  3. Love the Story. But WHAT ABOUT THAT BALL??????!!!! And I remember a few years ago you were concerned with kids and tests and learning the 'right stuff'..... which of course is a load of baloney. Your kids have FLOWN amazingly well, & I reckon you two adults must've done a real good job to get them where they are. Independence and responsibility rocks in young 'uns. Nice balance there!!! Well done :)

  4. Now I'm really confused... I'm hopping through backwards and then the sequence of your pics really threw me! LOVE that cool garden ball! My first was quite independent also right from the start. I'm pretty sure he was trying to walk from birth.


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