Saturday, November 17, 2018

Drill Baby Drill Layout with THE CUTTING CAFE

These two cuties demanded a pumpkin the other day. Not just any pumpkin but a BIG PUMPKIN. Their Dad tried his hardest to escape picking one up, but since he was making a hardware run next door to a store, he ended up getting them the nicest one he could find. It's likely the last pumpkin a Pratt kid will carve, so I decided to make a page about it.

It's a pretty simple page. The really great part was finding the perfect paper and then adding those premade die cut apples from THE APPLE TREAT BOX file over at THE CUTTING CAFE. See, this page will go right next door to another page I made using those apples

These two pages next to each other really make me smile! Love seeing Megan and Luke having some fall fun!

Happy Saturday to you! I'm off to work on some centerpieces for an upcoming party and the oldest is playing with chalk paint & a really old parlor table!

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  1. Adorable! It's sad and wonderful at the same time thinking about how things change as they get older... beautiful pages and memories!


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