Thursday, November 29, 2018

KONG: Skull Island layout from Hawaii

Nothing like a couple of extra days off to inspire you to wrap up a layout from this past spring. I had ONE MORE page to complete from our Hawaii trip and I had decided to wait until Halloween to scrap it for two reasons. The first was that I was nearly out of the paper packet I had used to scrap a lot of the photos and the second was, well a huge skull & bones scattered all over the ground.

Halloween is long past. In fact, we're even done now with fall here. We had an early snow fall and unlike how things normally work here...that snow is still on the ground. It does mean a cease fire on the outdoor work so the painting tasks that were not wrapped up are left for the next spring. This means more time in the scrap room! Hooray!

If you notice, I have a lot of strips & blocks of paper. I assure you that although they look like whole pieces, a lot were pieced together. I used a whole handful of paper scraps up! As I'm being really intentional about paper buying (it's the only product I have besides glitter that seems to multiply on it's own...why can't the T!M die cuts do that) this is a good thing!

I can imagine living & working on this ranch, that the view below never gets old. Those hills have been the backdrop of many a movie, including KONG:  Skull Island. In fact if you look really close on the right hand side around the middle, those big bones are sitting right out waiting for the movie cameras to roll. They are made of a very light weight plastic (it reminds me of the spray foam we use at work) and weather quite well.

Here's a photo I didn't use, but you can see the scale. I WISH they had let us in to see them closer and perhaps play with them! This was the very end of the tour and sadly the end of our trip in Hawaii. Seems so long ago that we were among the pretty flowers now that we have snow on the ground!

Happy Thursday! Hope your day is super productive!


  1. Snow. Crazy. Mind you, it's only been about 23C here today & it's supposed to be summer, which is pretty cool for us. But we did have storms and floods a week ago while they had fires up north. Mad, mad world! Anyways, diverted as normal.... LOVE the that you used that the island has been documented and that you have more time in your scrap room, apart from working, of course!

  2. Wow! SO cool! Beautiful layout! i hope someday to visit Hawaii and see all of these things. I've loved living vicariously through your photos and layouts though.


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