Monday, November 5, 2018

Victorian Sugar Skull Piece: Artists Collaboration

About a month ago, I was seeding and sticky strawing our most recent Habitat for Humanity house lawn. It was pretty late in the season, but we're on a slope and I really wanted to cut down on the mud being tracked into the house. While raking, I found a little wad of metal & these really cool vintage items welded onto them. It had been rolled around by the equipment and probably dug out of the hill.

One of the house lots we built the house on was previously where a house that had burned down, so we've been finding bottles, glass pieces, and all kinds of fun things.

I ran my found vintage metal bits through the dishwasher and this is what they looked like after all the grime & mud came off. So pretty!

Really loved the patina on the biggest one, but it was hard to see so I repainted it a green patina color & added some peals for accent. Honestly everything on this project was pretty much from my stash or were found items. The only thing I bought were those little roses which are Tim Holtz, Idea-ology and were awesome to ink up with some alcohol inks. Took the color really well & made me happy!

This piece was made as part of an artist collaboration. It was supposed to be Halloweenie, but fought me all the way on that part. I settled for it being a transformation. When you dress up for Halloween, if you've really done it all the way you are someone completely different than who you started as. I see this piece as having done that very same thing. It was originally just "junk" rolling around a new house site and now it something very unique. Which, now that I'm thinking about it is just what our Habitat house is. It starts as a pile of lumber and through a lot of hard work on the part of volunteers transforms slowly into a dwelling that will change the life of the inhabitants & those who worked very hard on it. So cool!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Wow... this is so awesome! Love how you can see this beauty in old found items... stunning stunning piece.


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