Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So, it's one of the hottest days of the year here (more to come I am sure) and I am crawling into our storage space with a flashlight in hunt of photos from a trip to Paris I took when I was in highschool. Laying on my belly and pulling albums out of totes, I was trying to decide if I was crazy. I need the photos for the next page swap I'm doing with Marilyn! And while I'm looking, I am trying to figure out if my family could have actually taken less photos of just scenery and one of me! I suppose it would be pointless to yell at them after 20ty years! I did decide then and there that I was totally addicted to this hobby. Not to mention that I will be sending these photos to my Aunt in hopes SHE remembers where some of them were taken although I did make notes in the album but it wasn't enough for me to really get the gist of what/where/when we were doing. WHICH of course brings me around to why we scrapbook. To remember all those times. Sorry for the brief rant, maybe it's the heat! Also totally sorry for you folks now experiencing winter. We just got rid of ours. I will totally stop complaining about the heat!

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