Friday, June 10, 2011

Thankful for Paige

Oh goodness, so many bloggers to thank today and sadly a bit of a sober note.

So, spotted this super amazing blog lady a couple of days ago offering some of her paper if you followed new bloggers. NOW that is my idea of cool. She is one of the Design Dollies and if you want to check out their blog and cool color challenge, click here. So, after spotting her cool post and following her, I decided that I wanted to also play around with their color challenge.

If you want to check out Karen's post click here.

She runs a really cool blog called Vanilla Scraps and I admire her for her paying it forward post. AND, her pages are super cool. The one she has up today talks about her son having to play tennis all bundled up. I am am getting a kick out of other people having winter while we are suffering through the heat wave! (and I totally would have watched from my warm car!)

Ok back to business. So, they had these totally cool summery colors to use. I love those colors. I had just bought a page of very stiff turquoise glittery paper with no clear purpose. That I used for my background circle. I also spent some time making some cool flowers (check out Vicky's post here for the Lilly Flowers). I blogged about her other flowers on my last post which I also made more of. I do love that punch. It isn't too great with thicker paper, but thin mulberry type paper is awesome.

I also had in mind to play along with Once Upon A Sketch (check out their challenge here) but sadly didn't realize I needed to use their sketch. However, I made a page honoring a woman or girl in my life. I'm going to link it up, but only to say thanks for offering a super cool blog with awesome ideas. I can't say I normally would have made this page about Paige (pun intended). She is the sweetest of little girls, but just has slipped so normally into our lives....I kind of just take her for granted. Lexi (my daughter) is starting up with hormones and really starting to grow more. Anybody that can help ease that transition for her is a star in my book! Plus, little Paige calls me Mrs. Pratt. Boy do I feel OLD!

A bit about my background...yes, I used up a old sheet of rub-on letters I had! Yes, I know that lime green was NOT part of the challenge color for the Dollies...but they were green GLITTER letters...can you see my point here??

Now if you are still reading, here is my sad news. We moved up here around a year ago. Found out just recently that some classmates of mine from highschool were also here. So, although its been quite a few years (almost 20), I hooked up with a couple of them and made a scrap page. I was looking forward to making more pages and showing them both some more techniques. I just found out today that one of the ladies unexpectedly passed away. Although I don't know her well, I am glad that I was able to share some of my joy of scrapbooking with her. So, I guess I am saying share your art with everyone and hug you family close. Sorry for the sober end. And thanks for reading!


  1. I am really sorry about your friend... I really loveeeeeeeee your lo!! I loveeeeeee the big circle, the flowers and the alpha background... :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Darling page!
    Thanks for playing along with us at Once Upon a Sketch!

  3. Wow, sorry for that unfortunate news :( Thanks for sharing your page with Once Upon a Sketch!!

  4. So sorry to hear about the sad news of your friends passing is very tricky isnt it?

    Thanks for linking this up to us anyway. It was wonderful to see your page and thanks for your kind words.

    All the very best!

  5. How nice! Lovbe the trim around the pic and those lovely flowers!

  6. Super those flowers and the circular design.
    My sincere condolences regarding the loss of your school friend...very sad indeed, but I'm glad that you managed to share your creativity with her..that's really special.

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  8. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend{{{HUGs}}}...
    i really love how you have used this colour combo and the way you have created the title! so clever!love ho

  9. I just love your page at all!!!
    Sorry about your friend!!!
    I wish a great week!!!
    kisses and huges from Brazil

  10. what a great page and just LOVE all the details with the flowers!!! thanks soo much for playing along with the Dollies!!!

    sooo sorry to hear about your friend...

  11. I loved seeing your layout at Design Dollies - thanks so much for playing along with our colour challenge. Sorry to hear about the passing of your school friend - but isn't it wonderful that you were able to share your love of creating? That's a fabulous memory :)


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