Friday, June 24, 2011

Zippy Zoo layout

So, I had posted this Friday afternoon on our mad dash to my parents house. We were invited to a Wedding Reception on the Pratt side of things so were traveling the 3 hours during the day to get there by six for the dinner.

Blogging in the truck was not working for me! So, I wanted to write a few more things about my page. Luke had been talking about this zoo program for weeks as he was not happy about having to perform a song called Mama Llama. In fact, the day of he was still complaining! But at least by then I was invited. Previously I think he didn't want any witnesses, but decided the offer of ice cream after might be a better deal. I spent the entire program laughing as Luke kept looking at me. I was making faces at him the whole time. He did a great job, even with the hand gestures. But, I guess I do have to agree with him. Dignified 8year olds should not have to sing Mama Llama!

Spotted some blogs lately where they have been posting material lists. Since I am so far from any stores here, I will try to do that but you might just be surprised!

Craft Background Paper (Close to My Heart)
Orange Dotty Paper (Stampin' Up)
Yellow paper which appears to be systematically holey? Something I found at a handmade store in Potsdam, likely from India
Yellow Ruler (from broken tool)
Green Baker's Twine (straight from Purple Pumpkin which is out of Australia)
foamie animals (a kids craft kit that my friend was selling and I took apart)
the little dog house (made out of craft sticks my daughter brought home from school)
Black marker (sharpie, sorry might not be acid free, have no idea but I can't write with anything else)
Green border sticker (not entirely sure, was just in my stash)

And, there you have it!

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