Saturday, September 24, 2011

Birthday Bling Page for Becca Sketchy Thursdays Layout

Please see end of this post for an update & more photos!

Sometimes I need a swift kick. Friday night found me in the after hours clinic looking for some antibiotics. The good news is that I already feel better. And, another plus is that what I'm taking is also used to prevent or slow anthrax. I don't HAVE anthrax....but....

Note to self, next time you feel crummy for a month, seek medical attention. 

To my defense it isn't easy here. Docs don't work Fridays. It was Friday. I tried calling old doctors, new doctors, doctors from where we came from and finally resorted to the friend network and phoned a nurse who said in that no nonsense tone only a nurse has to get myself to after hours. Take a good book, play Angry Birds, and don't hurt anyone. It was good advice. Two people were not using their indoor voices when they were talking on their cell phones in a very small waiting room. If my friend Kristy was local, she totally would have stopped over and told them to mind their manners.

I did mind my manners earlier in the day when the new doc's receptionist was like, YOU ARE NOT A PATIENT OF THE DOCTOR, THEREFORE NO ONE CAN HELP YOU. (add super witchy tone here for the proper affect) I explained AGAIN that I had an appointment scheduled, but it was three weeks out and I'd probably die by then with tears in my voice. Yeah, it didn't work. She repeated the same thing again like I was really slow. I then thanked her in my nicest possible voice for being extremely helpful.

So, I decided to indulge myself tonight with fancy dancy papers, rich silky flowers, and hot pink. It was like a bubble bath, bar of chocolate, and a call from a friend I haven't heard from in ages all rolled into one. Not to mention I had a great sketch from Sketchy Thursdays to jump off from.

I also tried to limit the colors I was using because I like pages like that these days. They just seem very cohesive. I tried to stick with hot pink, turquoise, white and black. I find throwing in white and black with two other colors seems to make me pretty  happy these days.

I will upload more photos tomorrow showing the flowers up close and the journaling. I had made the white flower using Polyester ribbon cut into circles and wrinkled with a heat gun. I used a wider sharpie as I really wanted that black outline.

Have a great night and more tomorrow when I have some good day light for photography.

Materials List:
Base paper is DCWV Be Mine Stack (all glittery with pretty roses!)
Turquoise Circle from Close to My Heart glimmermisted with Dragonfly
Turquoise Cardstock from Stash
White Doily from Stash
Black Glimmermist for droplets & cheese cloth
Letters & Scallopy sticker from Basic Gray Olivia Collection
Black Ink Pad from Close to My Heart


Thanks for all your well wishes! I forgot to mention the silver lining in the whole spend Friday night at the doctor's office fiasco. There was a new doc helping out. He was only in there to cover for someone else. AND, he is also new to this area. So, doesn't have a ton of patients as of yet. He was super cool and told me to come back when I was feeling better and they'd do a standard physical. Betcha he looked at my chart and realized I only see a doc when I'm really miserable. But, this time I listened and scheduled the appointment.

Here are some more photos. I think I also didn't mention that this pedicure was a gift to my niece for her birthday when she visited us in NY this summer. She had never gone before and her gift certificate also was enough so her Mom got to have a pedicure with her. Look at my niece queening on the chair!


  1. I am so sorry that you've been so ill! I hope you feel a lot better soon. Your layout is beautiful!!! I usually limit my color schemes too. I go for one main, one middle, and one small amount of color. Neutrals are fine of course! It's good to know I'm not the only one that does that!

  2. Awee!!!! That is horrible! Some people should just find a new job if they are unhappy where they are. I'm glad u are feeling better and better yet that you scrapped to make things better! Love your layout!

  3. Well I am glad you are feeling better, and Iam totally the same when it comes to taking myself off to the DR's but at least you are on the mend. I love your take on the sketch and the colour choices, beautiful layout.

  4. Your page is just beautiful. I love your theme and pics and the colors look fabulous.
    And as for that receptionist, maybe one day somebody wont help her when she needs it and she might take a step back and see herself.
    I'm glad to hear you are feeling a little better.

  5. Gorgeous take on the sketch, beautiful colours, love the lace and the all looks fab. Wow, it really sounds like you've had quite an ordeal trying to get medical attention. I really hope that you will be on the mend soon and feeling 100% yourself again. Take care and have a restful weekend..

  6. Sorry you haven't been feeling well :( I get so discouraged with dr's ... it's not even funny! I will probably die of something I don't even know I have because I do not like to deal with dr's! lol! :):):) I loveeeeeeeeeeee your lo!! CUTE photos and loveeeeeeeeeeee all the pink and that mesh material! Thanks soooooooooooooo much for playing along with Sketchy Thursdays! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  7. What a cute & lovely page - I love the addition of that great grey & how you limited the colour scheme - that trick is always a winner! So glad you are on the mend. Good to know that the witches of the world are also prevalent as your medical receptionists too - thought it was only here that you have to come from the local coven to qualify...

  8. Your designs are BEAUTIFUL! I'm following you now! :)

  9. oh so glad you are on the mend.. sorry i had to smile at your journalling.. you have a way with words!! and a fabulous layout.. just love your creative style!

  10. I...HOPE....YOU....ARE....FEELING....BETTER!!!! (just incase you're, how'd you put it? "slow"...) LMBO! Good grief, what an experience. That's one of my favorite quotes though. "I see stupid people." My little twist on the movie quote, "I see dead people." Hahaha..but that's just my twisted look on life. :D
    I digress...
    Your scrapbook layout is WONDERFUL! What great pictures and all those pertiful toes! :D
    Hugs to you and I do hope you are feeling better. So glad your exposure to anthrax will be thwarted as well...that takes a load off I'm sure. ;)

  11. why are dr's receptionist's always seem to be too busy to deal with potential patients?? They must do a "I am supremely better than you and have power over you so I will treat you badly" course before than become receptionists...

    hope you are feeling better and that your new dr stays in area for a long time so he is there when you need him (esp if that anthrax does kick in ;).

    gorgeous LO by the way,loving the pink and the photos are perfect. xxx


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