Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reflections and a Fiend

Read a cool post about Blogging your Heart out last night. It was good. Reminds us that Rock Star Bloggers seem to have the most amazingly straightforward put together kind of lives...but that they have hopes, fears, and dirty socks just like the rest of us. I actually followed several links to get back to Ali Edwards who you could imagine might just have a perfect life. But no, she is like the rest of us, just trying to find her way.

I started at  Over the Rainbow if you want to start where I did.

Thought I'd give it a whirl. A real post not about papers and adhesive.

It's hard  for me to post about what is going on now 'cause it's all good. But mainly good because I have just learned not to complain. So, when we moved, I complained because I had to work in a home office until hubby eye balled me up real good and said REALLY??? You wear pajama pants all day and have to put jeans on to go to town.

So, seriously, I do have it good. But I worked my butt off to get in this good spot. I did the baby thing and they are all potty trained at 10 and 8. Now they tell me stories that are designed to give me gray hair and I hold my breath a lot. I am told this will continue indefinitely by people who have grown kids. I can't wait. I wouldn't have missed this for the world.

Job wise, I have been around the block a lot. I can't remember how many places I've worked. Someone got crazy and made me a project manager. Most days I think holy crap, people are calling ME for advice? Sometimes it's not work related even and pertains to their lives. And yes, I did tell Patrick that getting his wife cat toys for their anniversary was a bad idea. I mean, we all love our furry friends, but really??? Get the cat the cat toys and the wife chocolate or a massage.

And, why do I blog? Again, I work at home. I start hearing voices in my head and they aren't mind (Oh wait, it's my headset and skype calling me from work!!). No, really, I miss the conversations with people and the lunches...and wearing jewelry...I can't complain MUCH about the attire though. I used to wear jeans to work as it was a field office...

But, it's nice to belong to an on-line community that is super inspiring. My goals for my blog are pretty small. Share my stuff, look at other people's stuff, and really just focus on growing myself. I scrap to lose myself in creativity. My other outlet would be reading, but that is so consuming it's not good for the rest of my life. At least with scrapping I am still in mix.

I do sit FAR TOO CLOSE to scrap stuff as it's the only place in this house I could put my desk. Sometimes the paper bellows from across the room and I do my best to ignore it. Today as I discussed ways to improve response time to our client with my boss I wandered around the house, poked at the defrosting pork chops, and looked for something to clean up. If I had something scrap related out on my table, I may have glued a few pieces down in a weirdly not planned kind of way. I feel better talking if my hands are busy. I can't stay in front of my pc and talk either about important things because then my multi-task mode kicks in and I answer e-mails instead of listening.

Being alone all the time is peaceful but has its downside.

The dripping faucet downstairs in the bathtub seriously irks me. It is a dripping reminder that we were not the original owners of the faucet, hubby has done all he can to fix it and without a major overhaul, it will remain dripping. That is all I can hear in the downstairs bathroom during the day.

When the kids are home, I am not worried about a dripping faucet, but getting those chops on for supper so I can head off to an exercise class. My deal for myself is that if I am home all day, I get to get out in the evening to an exercise class. It is either that or I will start talking to myself.

My class of choice is Zumba. It's just plain old fun with sweat thrown in. Plus, sometimes people I know are there and I can gossip. Good stuff.

And the other downside to being home is dealing with the fiend. Yes, that furry beast on the top of my blog is the fiend. He is horrible. He begs at the fridge, cries at the door, and wants to eat my soup which is certainly much better without his paw in it.

Once during a conference call he got his paw up and my whole bowl of raisin bran did a 360 in mid air crashing on the desk in a huge splat of milk and cereal. I took the photo earlier today to prove to my daughter the nutso things her cat does. I think she thinks I am making them up.

Anyhow, send me your link if you are inspired to blog from your heart! I enjoy stalking your blogs now, getting to you know you better will make me happy!


  1. Oh to have a job that pays me for working out of the house. :D
    I love where you're going here...

  2. Love this post--I've worked from home in the past, and it really has its good parts and bad parts. I admire you for being able to focus on the good aspects and not get bogged down by the difficult things. And blogging really is great for when you're feeling a bit lonely in the middle of the day!

  3. This post is AWESOME! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. I really enjoyed reading your was really so nice getting to know a bit more of you and what your daily life entails. :) Your crazy cat is super cute...I have a collection of cats, and one is particularly nutty, so I had to giggle over your cats antics...I can so relate. :) I worked in a corporate office, and then worked from home for two years and now back to the office, and there are definitely things I miss about working from casual attire and the flexibility of doing what I need to when i need to. I hear you on the social aspect of working in an office though. I so want to try Zumba...really want to get fit in a fun way. :) Thanks for sharing doll...have a stunning weekend!

  5. Love this post Mitra - great concept - hope to have time to do one too! Hope you are enjoying your weekend xx


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