Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Share Life & Dresses Page for Bird is the World Challenge

OK. So have you ever grabbed a whole handful of chocolate know, the big ones that are super yummy...and made yourself a little pile on your desk and ate ONE AT A TIME SLOWLY and absolutely enjoyed every little bit?

Well, this am, I got up and checked e-mail like usual. There were a HUGE BUNCH of awesome comments in there. I know! Can you believe it? I was so excited. (I have my comments go to my e-mail so I don't miss anything now I'm using the new Blogger) AND, I didn't read them. Well, not all at once. It WAS 5:30 in the am and pre coffee. I told myself I had to read them slowly..and one at a time and really enjoy them! Somebody said I had nice handwriting! OH MY!!!!!

So, I have spent the day reading your comments one at a time and enjoying them quite a lot! Thank you so much!

And, just a quick bit more on my bully situation:

The Bus Driver and I had a quick chat and told me he was moving the boy up front and that my kid hadn't done anything wrong. So, thankfully, it ended well although I had to soothe a small person who was trying to be big and not cry but OH SO VERY MAD. He proceeded to have a rough night after too, so we had to talk about letting things go.

I thought today I'd do a page for my daughter. In fact, this photo goes right along with what I wrote yesterday on my page. She was disappointed I picked a photo where she wasn't smiling, but this "LOOK" is what you get when she feels crossed. Or wants to make a point. OR, I suppose, you decide to pick on her little brother. He is hers alone to pick on. Not to be shared.

Yesterday she came home and announced she needed an Indian Name. So, I am Dances with Wolves, right? I came up with Girl Who Showers Too Much first. Then I tried Girl Who is Mean to Brother. She didn't like either.

She went with Lime Beanie which didn't have an Indian sound to it at all. Sigh.

I did also want to tell you about a cool software package I use now and again to get some cool effects on my photos. I read about it out in bloggy land one day and had to get it for myself. It's called Lofi and is produced by Alien Skin. I believe they are having birthday sales for a bit, so now might be a good time to purchase. I think when I got my copy it was around $30. They also have a great blog. If you are into photography and manipulating photos, it's a good read. The owner also talks about what makes a successful small business so it's interesting from that standpoint too.

 I just used a quick filter on this photo to really draw your attention to Lexi and Laura. It's called a Vignette in this package.

If you want to check out the challenge, go to Bird is the Word.  The word for this challenge is Share or Sharing. Laura had on one of Lexi's dresses, which was where I was going with this title! I also am really excited about the flower I made. I will do a tutorial later for that. Lexi has been eyeing that flower for a few days so I was excited to put it on her page.

I am including a close up of my journaling. I was inspired to write more since I have NICE HANDWRITING! Oh wait, I already basked in that glory!!

Anyhow, thanks for taking a quick peek at my page. And if you're reading this and left me blog love yesterday, a huge thanks! It made my day.

Items used:

PinkPaislee Butterfly Wings (both sides, green matted the photo, top piece with butterfly and also piece on bottom with pink roses)
Pink Lace:  Stampin' Up
Several Prima Flowers
Butterfly Fairy from PinkPaislee
Tim Holtz Tape
K&Co Butterfly
"Share: Letters from K and Co, but covered in white!
"Life" Letters from Stampin Up
"Dresses" Letters from Cosmo Cricut
"And" from Webster's Pages
Brown Twine from Walmart
Turquoise Handmade Paper, local store here
Peacock Feathers
Gauze dyed with light green glimmermist
Micah Flake Glitter from Martha
Little Banner is from Tink!


  1. So glad you're on the way to solving the bullying problem. So hard to know what to do sometimes. I can see why you'd be mad..

    Gorgeous photo of the girls - and stunning lo to go with it. The photo effect worked so well and it was such a good photo to work with. xx

  2. So glad that the bullying is getting under control... and loveeeeeeeeeeeeee your page!!! I loveeeeeee that photo (I have lo-fi too...and LOVE it!) and loveeeeeee how you did the title!! GORGEOUS page! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. fabulous layout!i love how you played with the photo.. all part of the fun isn't it!! and your journalling makes the layout so much more personal and memory making.. great layout!

  4. This is divine! Your work just keeps becoming more beautiful. :) I love the photo filter that you applied, your beautiful handmade flower (you go girl!), the pink lace and that love title banner for the word "share". Great LO design too doll.. ;)

  5. Gorgeous layout & Gorgeous design!!!!!
    Thanks Heaps for playing along over @ Bird Is The Word...... xx

  6. Great page! Thanks for sharing with Bird is the Word!! Love LoFi too now - only cost me $15!! Need to use it on a layout soon. I said you had great handwriting & you do!!

  7. That photo is just gorgeous. The girls are so beautiful and photogenic. I love your design and you have used the word perfectly.

  8. Just gorgeous!!!!!
    I love everything about this layout!!
    I can relate to the bully situation, my son had the same situation last year!
    Luckily this year the bully moved house so he is on different school bus route! LOL

  9. absolutely fabulous .. love the journaling and the pic is super duper awesome ... great page .. hugz x

  10. A fantastic LO Mitra .. LOVE your mix of papers and embellies and what a great photo!! Thanks so much for joining in at BITW :))

  11. Gorgeous page - and I agree with the comment that you do have lovely handwriting :-) thanks for playing along at BITW :-)


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