Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Little Projects

WOW! In an effort to squeeze the last little bit of fun out of summer, we went out of town this long weekend and camping. And, I am not sure if it is the fall that is coming on here or the campfire smoke, but I believe I have some allergy thing going on. So, you will have to forgive me for delaying my post on my tie dye flowers. I do however have some itty bitty projects to post. Since school started today and I had purchased a few goodies as a teacher present, I was forced to hurry up and assemble them in the wee hours of the am quickly. Hence the photo of one in the DARK!

I used up a few clear bags I had (don't mind the paw prints, but I love animals!). I had purchased these pen/pencil holders a while back, filled the plastic bags with chocolates, added a chap stick and mini bottle of hand sanitizer. All that was left that I wanted to add was a homemade tag and flower. Yeah, that didn't happen this am. I did add a flower, but it was from my stash!

Here is another shot of the boy with his that is at least in the daylight! Is he not adorable? I was super excited to hear from Luke that his is already installed on his teacher's desk and holding pencils. (Betcha she needed the chocolate too!)

My next little fun project was a wire heart hanger sent all the way from Helen in South Africa. And listen, seriously, you need to check out her blog. She has a sweet page up that I so enjoyed last night.

Her gardener made the little hanger. Did you guys know that Tim Holz alchohol ink would stain something like this? Nope, me neither. I give it a whirl real quick during lunch. Then not having any ribbon I liked, I grabbed some white and threw the ink all over that too. It turned tie dye like when I added the alcohol. Very fun.  The only downside is that I didn't know it would work on the wire as well! Next time, I use tape! Anyhow, Lexi was super excited about it when she got home! She has all kinds of necklaces she wants to hang on it!

Well, so long for now from SNOTS!


  1. Loveeeeeee the teachers gift (and your boy is ADORABLE!) and loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that hanger!! WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! Just awesome! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Oh wow!!! You are nothing short of a genius!!!! I absolutely adore the hanger & can't wait to show Norbert when he comes to work tomorrow LOL!!


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