Thursday, November 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Grandpa Ham

Since it's the 15th, I had planned on bringing you the latest and greatest challenge over at Another Freaking Scrappy but I'm going to take a quick moment to wish my Grandpa Ham who is up in heaven a Happy Birthday. 

I am pretty sure he's reading my blog. He wouldn't comment on it of course, that was never his style and I don't think he was ever big on computers but still....pretty sure he's keeping an eye ball on things.

He is certainly keeping an eye ball on the boy in the picture. That is a much younger Luke with Scruffy (again with the white dogs) who is probably listening to some cool story about WWII and a plane. One never knows what Master Lucas Pratt will do next. Always coming up with a new idea for an invention or design he wants to make. In that way he takes after Grandpa, although he certainly doesn't have Grandpa's quiet dry sarcastic side.

You never do know how much time you have with someone. Just got that message in a card from a good friend who's hubby is pretty sick. It's a good message, we didn't get near enough time with Grandpa Ham. He still had some stories to tell. So keep your eyes and ears handy at the next family gathering and give a few extra hugs! 

Back tomorrow with glitter and flowers and paper....


  1. How sweet, Mitra! Love your tribute to Grandpa Ham :)

  2. A great photo of the two, since they nearly share a Birthdate!

    sniff, missing him still.

  3. So,so true...gotta appreciate the here & now:):):) I like that dry younger, Tim, has it...can pass you by, then you think....hang on....oh yeah, funny!!!!

  4. Oh yes we all have someone we miss and each day is a gift, that is why it is called the present!! what a special photo...

  5. Beautiful tribute to Grandpa Ham! And a brilliant photo to scrap the story to!


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