Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Put the Lime in the Coconut

I am YOUUUUUUU Tubing right now.

I had to look up the Put the Lime in the Coconut song. It is stuck in my head now so don't blame me if it gets lodged in yours. For crying out loud, it's older than I am by a couple of years. It deserves to be played...

I am thinking about coconuts as in the kind that fall off the tree and onto your head.

We do not have coconut trees in upstate NY.

So, I would think it would be very hard for me to get hit in the head with a coconut.

I am going somewhere with this really.

Anyhow, Power Ball is up to 500 million dollars. It's the second largest in history.

Yes, I played and I am pretty sure I am the winner.

So, my friends...........................

Get ready to PARTY IN VEGAS! I will pick you up on my jet. Lizzy Hill lets make biscuits.

They said on TV your chances of getting hit in the head by a coconut are greater than winning lotto.

Regardless, I have faith. Better be nice to me today. I'll be rich tomorrow.


  1. I'm just a groovin with that coconut song, you did it!!!!! And Yes I know you will be the lucky winner.

  2. Win OR ELSE........I'll still love you & one day we
    WILL make biscuits together......see, now you've got a REALLY good incentive to win. Calling on all manner of Ancient & Modern Inca Bulls to do their stuff:):):!!!!!!!

  3. Don'y forget to pick me up when you get Lizzy!!

    and thank you so very much for the song - man alive that's annoying...

  4. I so hope you win. My fingers are crossed for you!

  5. Hey I am just up the road almost from Lizzy, so you could pick me up too... and I do not know if you have heard of the muppets, but this is the version of that song that I love the best.. (hope the link works, otherwise copy and paste!!))


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