Friday, November 2, 2012

Pisco Sour Page for Miracles Momma Designs Sketch

Heather at Miracles Momma Designs has a really cool new sketch out that I love. When I first saw it I is a weird shape (the reverse L) and now I've tried it, I love it!

Now, about my page:  All about beverages in Peru! Crazy I know!

It seemed most evenings when we were in Peru we were greeted with waiters bearing drinks. Nice cold foamy potent drinks! Imagine a long hike where you're sweaty and then you are greeted with something yummy to drink and your troubles seem to melt away. That is Linda in that photo getting ready to enjoy her Pisco Sour.

The drinks we were offered were typically bottled water, Pisco Sours, and Inca Cola.

Of the three, I personally liked the Pisco Sours the best...

The Inca Cola not so much. Tasted like bubble gum and then there is that odd yellow color....

I had a notion I wouldn't like it anyhow, due to the color! I felt similar feelings when I looked up the recipe to Pisco Sours prior to getting to Peru! Egg white in a mixed drink, really? Glad I was wrong!

Below is a close up of some of the goodies I used on my page and also in the photo you can see the containers the Incas used to hold their beverages way back in the day! I love their shape. They were designed for carrying long distances, I believe.

And did you see that big die cut chandelier I used? Another goodie from Jean. I was copying the one below in the photo that snuck into my photo!

Anyhow, today is Friday! Hope you are all ready for the weekend!


  1. This is very interesting.. and I would not like to know what is in some of the drinks that get served up in other countries!! safer not to know I reckon! Love the bottles that the drink is stored in too.. fabulous layout for your wonderful memories!

  2. You are amazing!!! I love that sparkly title and the wonderful large chandelier. I am so very lucky to have you on my design team. Your pages do such a fabulous job of telling a story.

  3. Your lo is AWESOME!! I love love love the colors, the photos and loving the chandelier!!!!

  4. One of these days, after I've been home more than a day, most probably, I'll get a chance to back track on what I've missed out on. At least I made it to the alcoholic beverages!!! LOVE that chandelier...& that touch of green --ribbon? String??? Whatever, LOVE the, I've filled 8 gigs of photo SD cards, which may not be that many to some....but how do I choose? I like how you choose 'moments'...cos they bring back such memories, don't they? We picked up Wally today....he'd had too good a time at Grandmas & didn't want to come home!!!!

  5. Scenery, food, animals, people and now egg based drinks??? This is turning out to be the BEST virtual vacation EVER!
    Thank you for sharing this Mitra, I loved learning even more about the culture and the "uncommon" things you don't normally see about someone's culture thrills me. :)
    Still not able to respond to your emails as you're still no reply to :( Just wanted to say thank you and yes, I'm getting them and YES that's a real bone on my macabre theater. It's a craft supply from my son's art teacher's room. It's a cat bone...EWWWW! But hey, it works. :)

  6. Sounds like one interesting drink that's for sure! Great layout too - love the zingy yellowy lime colour you've used!!


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