Wednesday, September 14, 2016

12 tags of 2016-September & One Little Quote

Ugh so totally in love with these Crazy Dog Stamps still. Usually can avoid the lure of newness but not when I spotted these. I even had to pre order it! On that same topic of conversation, the tag this month over at Tim's involved a new kind of paper they are selling, which of course I don't have. Not to mention he show cased a totally awesome technique for the bottom piece and then covered up a huge chunk of it with an image...

So I decided to run with using a piece of epic paper I did have on paper. Usually yes, you use it for printing photos, but it takes ink well & it's glossy so it's cool. All I did was ink up a plastic surface with stamp pads, spritzed with a shimmer spray and dropped my photo paper face down on the inky mess. Voila, epic background. Pair up with a crazy dog stamp all fussy cut? Super coolness!

I also added some stamped gold embossing power on the edge. Since I'm still working on revealing the One Little Quote that has inspired me this year....I have included the word "the" to torture you. I mean, we're really close to the end here...three tags left! I did manage to add a dangle to match the star used on the tag. It's of course a dog bone!

Not sure if you noticed, but I used a metal piece that you'd use on pair of overalls. I'm pretty sure Tim will be picking up that idea soon, so you might want to rush to your nearest store and grab some. They sell them here in the sewing section. Just used a little bit of glue and some thread to keep it attached.

Happiest of Hump Days to you peeps! We're half way to the weekend! Hugs!


  1.'s a wonder Tim hasn't already picked up his buckle and ran with it!!! LOOOOVE that doggy and I 'get' why you wanted it....the bird ones are way cool too. But when you have a Duncan in the house...well, of course, you need the dog ones!!!! Can't wait 'til you reveal your quote. I have NO IDEA!!!!

  2. That stamp is so cute, and love the hint of sparkle too! Your tags are fabulous and I will be looking forward to seeing the tags being revealed! I hope things are well with you!

  3. I love the idea of the photo paper. I might just have to try that. Thank you.

  4. The buckle! Yes! Genius! This tag is so adorable! I keep looking at those stamps....wondering if I need them....I think I might! are such a tease with that quote too. I'm so tired right now. You know puppies don't sleep past 530 am...just in case you didn't know that...


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