Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Autumn Blessing Cards for THE CUTTING CAFE

It's official. I put the fall decorations out! We're in that awkward week where the kids have three days off and then go back to school on Thursday. It's the downward slide now to the holidays. I'd say it gets more hectic, but we did a pretty good job of cramming all kinds of camping trips into the summer, track practise, trips to CMOG for volunteering, and hanging with some friends.

I was impressed with myself on how much bling I could get on one card. These are not for mailing! I have been hoarding these vintage pumpkins in my stash for ages! Was glad to pair them up with some vintage foliage & pinecones over top of a scrap piece of burlap.

The real rock star though is the cool Autumn Sentiment Card Frames Printable Set that
I started with from THE CUTTING CAFE. Love all the different fonts that Regina used. I added some glitter to add a smidge of a sparkle. But it was so easy to just print four card bases to start with! Love all the different fonts Regina used! 

Added a bit of sparkle glitter to the words, some gold paint, and sequins to bling them up more. If you are curious (which I know you are Lizzy Hill) as to what paper I used for the tattered Tim Holtz leaves? Yeah, that was scrap paper from a paper Lexi wrote. Totally upcycled it!  

Happiest of Tuesdays to you! Soon you'll be seeing photos with pretty colored leaves in the background, but for now you'll have to enjoy these cards instead. 


  1. Love, love, love! Many details to set my mind abuzz. Maybe I need to start some fall bling. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Wow..Loved the warm colors and vintage papers on this one ,that pumpkin looks cool !

  3. Awesome!! Love that you used the printed paper... and LOVE everything about these gorgeous creations... heart eyes!!!

  4. It's so hard to believe Autumn is here; but it certainly is because these look just so totally right.

  5. okay i got my fix for today....brillant, gorgeous my friend...so if your not mailing them, what are you doing with these? inquiring minds want to know..

  6. Hahaaa! You know me too well. GREAT upcycle! And those little pumpkins are as you say 'the bomb'!!!! AND no way would you want to post these! They'd be jumping outta their envelopes while you were trying to stuff em in AND I think you've done an awesome job managing some holidays with a new job. WONDER woman....& I hope Duncan is on the mend?? :)


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