Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sew Buttons on your Underwear Layout for THE CUTTING CAFE

Been hoarding this photo for a while. As I'm not a selfie taker, it's a rare one. I had texted THE MAN the photo as I was sporting a rose behind my ear earlier this summer. It's a photo from work, believe it or not, so it worked well for this layout.

Over at THE CUTTING CAFE, Regina has asked us to use one of her new files called Let's Write a Letter. She wanted us to write an acutal letter so I did. To myself. I had to add a funny spin to it. I have several pairs of shorts only fit for painting in. One in particular has several revealing holes and my family thank god told me I was not allowed to wear them any longer to work.

Regina thought she was making writing paper, but I saw journaling spots with the images she included. Printed out two to use here on my layout to tell the story. BOY THEY ROCK! Since I went with a funny title too, I had to include some buttons tucked into the side.

I enjoyed adding some torn bits of paper under the photo and some pretty posies to match the one behind my ear. Really love this layout, it's been cookin' all summer!

Have a most awesome Tuesday! I'm back tomorrow with something else that is shabby....but not paper related! HUGS!


  1. You make me smile, actually giggle, with all the funky thoughts that you have. But, really a cute layout with fun colors and flowers.

  2. I love reading your stories that come with everything you make..our kids aren't they something telling us what we can wear or not wear....fab layout girl

  3. LOVE this! What a great way to journal about you... and the pic is .. well.. adorable! Awesome page... and I kid you not... it seems that outside of the western new york area (or at least not here in the southwest), people don't say "sew buttons on your underwear" in response to someone's sassy "Sooooo?"... and they don't say "God willing and the creek don't rise" and they don't know about good pizza, tim hortons or sponge candy... and they definitely don't know what a village is.. they think it's something you pillage and plunder..no lie... so anyway... awesome!!

  4. This is so good, I love the photo, and had to smile at your journalling.. you have such an amazing way of writing that I enjoy.. thanks for the smile today.. have a great day!

  5. That is awesome saucesome and right up my street with your journaling letter to self taking centre stage - almost! LOOOOVELY selfie, too. Family are good for telling you the little truths about what we wear!!! GREAT page. New fave. Surprised? No, didn't think you would be......

  6. Nice thinking outside the box. Literally!! I like how you used a piece of the Letter writing file to use on a scrap page.
    Cutting Cafe D Team Member


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