Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Gone Country Layout: Cousin Richard's Wedding

Never gone to a wedding where people were wearing jeans. It's about time! The bride was of course wearing a pretty dress. I haven't meet many brides that will forgo the princess gown on her special day! Uncle George (or UG) moved to our road when I was pregnant with Luke almost 14 years ago bringing with him a teen that needed some country life. Richard's first car was a truck. We watched Richard grow up as our kids got taller too. It was good to see him step into a new chapter in his life.

I actually didn't take a lot of photos when we were at the reception, too many people to talk to. So, I was lucky that I could swipe some from Facebook. Love this photo of UG and counsin Richard that I fussy cut and put among the flowers! I'm all about saving the invites these days. Saves time having to write down all the detaisl! Plus, this one was lovely! And about those flowers...

They are so big and pretty! Didn't cost much either! Want my trick?

Got some mileage from a dollar store branch of posies. Time was short when Lexi was making their wedding card and I cheated and bought some flowers we took apart. We were looking for daises, but she made it work with some water colors. I opted to use the same ones for the page, but added a brad with a sparkle on top and left the little yellow flower stamens. Easy Peasy!

Still on a kick of printing out larger photos. I went rouge with this one and used brown paper! Love how it's almost background paper, but still there! So pretty!

Glad this one is done and dusted! We're all about invites, so come hang with me tomorrow for the LESSology post...happy Hump Day!


  1. Love it! Went to a formal wedding once [me in a pink chiffon matron of honour gown; men in wedding party in bow ties and cumberbands.....] & the groom's bro turned up in jeans and bare was the early 80s. What can I say??!!!! I am adoring those glittery hearts....& I was looking for the red [rouge] when it clicked. You meant ROGUE!!! LOL!!!!

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  3. That sounds like a great wedding to go to! Good idea to scrap the invite and clever way to print out the photo on brown paper it fades into the background in a pretty yet subtle way.. Love the daisys and clever creating using them flowers too!

  4. Wow!!! Love that printed on brown paper... what an awesome effect! And can I say... those flowers on that wedding card... so pretty!! Love them with the splashes of color and also love them on your page!

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