Wednesday, October 12, 2016

12 tags of 2016-October & One Little Quote

Only two tags left to go! Goodness! This tag took on a life of it's own when I decided all the bits and bobs on my scrapbooking desk needed to get put on it...

So the little crystals and the key were something I found the other day and tossed on the desk for safe keeping, the peacock paper was a very last bit and already cut into a banner so needed to get used up, and the ribbon was a little snippet also on the desk. The round tag was also hanging there, waiting to be used as it was nice and sturdy. Plus, I haven't made a round tag yet! I guess I finally got around to it, lol!

Plenty of inspiration on Tim's Tag here. I really liked the pieced together background and I am now on the look out for some crackle medium like he used. I also loved the idea of the punched metal, but opted to run with copper instead. Opted to use the little key with a lion instead of a spider! I love the halloweenie, but I'm not quite ready for that just yet!

Still on track to wrap up my one little quote for the year! It's been a growing year for me and totally still fits! Can't wait to share it with you! And all these tags together LOOK EPIC! I am on the hunt for a cool way to display them all since we only have two left to go!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. oh this looks amazing, just love it.. intriguing what the quote might be!

  2. AAAGH! I thought I was going to get the quote....shoulder? SHOULDER????!!! Oh well. The time will go quick enough 'til you reveal all. And that coppery metal shimmer embossing...YUMMO!!! Oh, and the round tag take. BRILL!!


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