Thursday, October 20, 2016

Supersized Hooters & Chocolate Kisses for THE CUTTING CAFE

This time 'round at THE CUTTING CAFE we're working on projects for cancer awareness. I of course choose one that involves pink and boobs (glitter and gold paint too) because all those things are epic. I also super sized it 'cause that is how I roll. Why not MORE chocolate kisses?! This box is from the BREAST CANCER HERSHEY KISS BOX SET - TEMPLATE.

In fact, it comes with these little circles that you can put on the bottom of the kisses. I used one of those images to cut out that super cool super sized Hooter!

A proper box of course needs a crystal knob to match the crystal owl eye balls. And why not pink flamingos.....

Crystal Feet and a glittery ribbon with more flamingo washi.

Love how this project turned out! Fly on over to The Cutting Cafe to check out that file! 


  1. Looks amazing...LOOOOVE that crystal knob & I spied the flamingos firstly...REALLY like them. Fabulous project. Bet it was FUN to make??!!!!

  2. Loving that knob my friend and yes why not super size....tiu do everything super.....hugs

  3. Oh I get it now.. a hooter is an owl!!! hehe.. this looks fabulous.. love that you did it in super size too... great colors .. and the hooters aka owls look great too..

  4. This is!! I think I'm breaking out some spray paint today if I can sneak it in! Two more days with company...and then tomorrow I have the walking dead/crafty! But soon!! I will be in my room! And definitely spraying some paint!


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