Thursday, October 13, 2016

Embossed Tin with a Gold Doily & Opalescent Knob

I'll let you in on a little secret. Sometimes the girls at the register at the ReStore irritate me. In particular when I went to buy this tin for .50 cents, she had to look it all over to see if it was Mary Engelbreit. Hello, if it was I wouldn't be buying it to fix it and secondly? Never once has Mary done up a tin with ugly teddy bears. Seriously go away. I can see why she thought that though...

I left a strip along the top where the lid sits unpainted. It's easier so you don't have to deal with a lid possibly sticking to spray paint. That does kinda look like a boarder that Mary E. would use so we'll give her that.

The tin prior to paint was too ugly to share, so I'll show you what it looked like all painted up & ready for some alcohol ink...behold the spray painting stump (s). On a side note, THE MAN would like to chop these stumps up and make them all go away...he however likely has visions of me taking over other places to spray paint and they make him shudder so it's safe for now.

I saw you eye balling up that knob. It's pretty isn't it. I am a sucker for opalescent shiny things and gold doilies. They make me all weak.

One last look at my tin. It's amazing with a little embossed silver foil tape can do to a super cheap tin! Mixed two alcohol inks up to get that epic purple! This is flying away to India soon! Can't wait to share it!

Happy Thursday to you!



  1. love the new color of the tin, really pretty, and yes i was eyeing off the stunning knob!!

  2. It looks fab. And definitely not very Mary E like.

  3. Stunning.... & now I have a fact I didn't know. Who Mary M was! And yes, I actually saw something similar happen last week. In Op Shop. Peeps pick up Old Book with Asian Writing. How much? No price on it, y'see. Oh - we'll just check say YOUNG TRENDY peeps [must be on work experience for social work, I think ...] then proceed to check internet. Come back to peeps. 'We see similar for maybe $120, $200 - we'll have to get it checked by a Chinese Expert we know....but ring tomorrow if you're still interested...... the 'buyers' are like.... 'Oh, no... we just have an elderly neighbour. We thought if it was a couple of dollars we'd just buy it for him' as they, with horrific expressions on their faces backed quickly out of the store. It's an OP SHOP peeps.... I'm sure someone already checked before it went onto the floor you young whipper snippers..... but I just grabbed my snapping dinosaur toy, marked 10c & got out before they realised it was an original toy from the first Jurassic Park film. JOKING....but I WAS waiting for them to check the price!!!! Sozzy...... I LOVE it when I get oldies on the counter. They're much more 'We've been given all this STUFF, we need to MOVE it on....get money for our charity.... you can have the lot for $2. Goodbye' brigade!!!!!

  4. O M G!! Makes me want to finish mine!!! Soon! Soon! Company this week so nothing going on in my craftroom... but when they are gone (not that I am in any way wishing that to be so... although I do wish they'd say.. let's make something!)... anyway when the ARE gone... it's on!

  5. oh my. It turned out brilliant. Coincidentally, I have one of these tins...just waiting for me to alter. :)


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