Monday, October 31, 2016

Tea, Roses, and Buffalo Wings for Memorandum Monday

Winter is trying to claim a foot hold here in New York from blessing us with a cold, wet, and rainy fall to dropping frozen bits on our heads. The fact that I spent a couple of days early in the week in Buffalo, a place not known for a mild winter just reinforced the idea that it is now officially sweater weather, which also means time for cider, pot roast, and tea. Lots of tea. I've spotted quite a few roses trying to give us one last hurrah before the flurries. This one was spotted along the fence on a block that the Habitat peeps at Buffalo are busying populating with their houses. Some local company has offered matching funds to help them develop a nice neighborhood for their employees. Sounds like a match made in heaven although one wouldn't mistake Buffalo for heaven, although the wings do rock there.

This pretty little bloom is hanging around the side door at the next house we're working on. The house suffered a fire this past winter due to a hard freeze that burst a pipe that put water someplace it shouldn't go. Right now it's a shell of a house, but I'm looking forward to making it a home for someone very soon! More on that soon!

On the home front the trees have given up the very bright reds and mellowed down to some burgandies. THE MAN took a trip up to look at the canopy with the drone. So pretty!

Our house is right over that green sign in nearly the middle of the photo. Aren't those trees pretty! They aren't so pretty when you are raking leaves in the rain. ;-)

Well, it's time to head into Monday. Lots of things planned, one of them may involve moving a couch with roses on it...they are better in a garden vs. on a couch, in my opinion!

Join me in thanking Sian for hosting us on Memorandum Monday!


  1. Well we are heading into summer here and I got a bit of color on my skin from being outside today, so as you get your woolies out i am shoving mine to the back of the cupboard!! what a stunning photo of the autumn foliage.. looks so pretty!

  2. Love those roses and burgundy fall colors! While you are doing fun fall things we here are at beginning planting season, which goes for 8 months. So it's radishes and cucumbers in the farmers market. A different pace and time.

  3. Wow...such a contrasts between the roads and the trees! Maybe the best of both worlds? Close to civilisation but with country views.

    I always enjoy reading about your Habitat projects and I'm looking forward to hearing more about the latest

  4. Beautiful flowers, roses. Thanks for that! Hard to grow here....I'm with Sian. The juxtaposition of that massive highway to the tree canopy. That big 'scar'.... running up into the hills to the right of your house? Is that a dirt road? Cut away? Stream? Can't make it out! Fascinating to see your location, THANKYOU!!!!

  5. omg... that rose.. I do miss roses... and beautiful fall trees... but not enough to put up with another! It's in the 80's and sunny here today.. although I'm up in my room putting a few finishing touches on a project that you might be a little proud of me.. maybe... possibly... it did involve spray paint... lots and lots of spray paint...


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