Thursday, February 8, 2018

A Handful of Hearts

Lexi has been hard at work at learning flame working at the Museum. She pretty much has herself scheduled every Sunday to head down. The following Monday she generally has a couple of pretties to show for her effort. Lately she's been making glass hearts for fun & to see how the properties of certain glasses work together.

Believe it or not, but the clear glass ones were supposed to be red. She's still trying to figure out how that happened. Regardless they are cool and I'll be sharing them next week with some peeps.

My favorite thing she has been playing around with are fish. She's getting really good at the pretty little fins. All this work is for her portfolio as she's been uploading photos to her digital account to share in hopes for a summer intern down at CMOG. Wish her the best of luck! I'd say it's going swimmingly!


  1. Wow love the hearts, but the fish look amazing!! Well done Lexi!

  2. Great to see her progress and I do remember that what you want with Red glass can sometimes change in the kiln! But how to anticipate the changes!Gretchen

  3. So beautiful and how awesome that she is learning this awesome art...


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