Sunday, February 11, 2018

Cheer Layout from Crafternooning

I didn't make a lot of pages from Christmas this past year. Just two so far, with this one being the third. I have a few more photos to scrap, but in general it seems I take a lot more during the summer! Thank goodness we had a little crafternoon here this past Saturday and Jean MADE me make this page! She always comes with everything cut & ready to assemble! Fun times!

It's a fairly simple page with the glitter making a big presence. I added the flowers and the velvet pine branch to give the page a little splash of color and some dimension.

I think the burgandy really brings out the color in the photo. We had this photo taken at the Civil Air Patrol Christmas party and I love it! Generally we aren't all dressed up or even in the same place at the same time!

Now that I'm in the mood for pages....I'll have to wrap up a couple more!

I'll be back on Valentine's Day with a story from my Dad!


  1. What a beautiful project for your crafternoon! Love all the gold and pretty red flowers!

  2. So beautiful and wonderful pic! Those family pics because fewer and farther between as they get older don't they!


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