Monday, February 19, 2018

Twofer Valentine's Day Cards

Lately I've been noticing the older generation more. I can't say why. Perhaps it's because at work I'm working on a grant that assists low income peeps over sixty. Or that my Build Crew at work are certainly older gentleman although one would be remiss to call them old. Gary is 74 and still climbed into the dumpster after the trash can last week. For the record, I didn't ask him to. I would have left it in there.

This past Friday I met an older lady on our front porch at work. She was hanging out on one of our outdoor benches we had for sale. As she was carrying portable oxygen and was measuring her blood oxygen with a device that fit over her finger, I felt inclined to ask if she was OK. She said that she was just getting out of breath. The side affect of having your oxygen drop was the feeling of having to pee. She said it was a real pisser to try to not pee and also breath. I did see her point.

We managed to get her into the store eventually and into the potty. It was then the same slow trip back to the car as she had to stop a couple of times to get the oxygen levels back up. She was on her way to the hospital after that. We did have a very nice conversation about some of our favorite Habitat volunteers and turns out she too loves Candy Bar Dude Doug. Currently Doug is nursing a bum knee so I've had to do all my own painting lately. I miss him for the chocolate, his cheerfulness, and his painting!!!

This past Monday I sent my Gram who's in the nursing home and hanging with the fairies like my Dad likes to say two cards. See, one was FOR Valentine's Day. The other (written on the envelope) was a card to give to Gram when she was grumpy. She's on the 4th floor which means she's living with the other grumpy people. It's totally gotta suck to be in your brain but not know who the heck is visiting. Soon she's having a birthday so more cards and also cake...but no clue who these guys are showing up & singing....she does really like sweets and cards, so I imagine she'll have an awesome time.

Hugs & Kisses Gram! And don't hit any of the other little old ladies and men.


  1. These are beautiful and I see some of of my favorite papers here I do believe! I just know they'll make her ungrumpy for a bit!


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